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Foodie King

Developer: HuangWeiCheng

Dragon is a low-ranking member of a mafia, hoping to make it big someday at the gang. That said, the only thing that makes him stand out is his talent for "eating," which is obviously not quite a useful skill for the gang.
One day, his boss sends him to a restaurant to collect a large loan from the owner.Not surprisingly, the stubborn owner wouldn't just give in. Instead, he dares Dragon to eat up all of the food at his restaurant, or else he wouldn't settle the debt. Dragon, who's only good at eating, would of course size this opportunity to get back the debt by himself, thus winning some credit from his fellow gang members.
******************Features ******************- Multiple ways of playing. Get a kick from wolfing down! There are many ways to play this fast-paced, exciting, and fun game!
- World's cuisine collected! While playing the game, you'll feel like you were in action, working up your appetite.
- Ranking system It's no longer a dream to become the FoodieKing. Compete against world's talented players for the true championship.
-Skill system Hone your skills to outperformance other FoodieKing wannabes!
- Endless challenge mode Eat endlessly to push yourself to the limit.
- Mafia title system Eat your way to becoming the mafia boss, having tens of thousands of people under your command.